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What's better than creating an identity from scratch? Creating one with two of your closest university friends. When I finished university, I had a group of friends who went out to Gran Canaria to start their own Hostel. I designed their logo and from there we then worked together to create artwork for the rest of the hostel.  


The main mark is made up of a simple compass to tie in the hostel's sense of adventure and outdoor activities. Using a nice vibrant yellow, it really helps to tie in the exotic weather of the Canary Islands. We also created a wide range of icons to be dotted around the hostel to help people navigate their way around the three levelled building.

Here at Columbus, we wanted something unique simple and fresh. We spoke with Jack about the feelings that we wanted our brand to embody. With this, he produced our logo, followed up by a series of unique design pieces for print to showcase across our properties. The originality of his work speaks for itself and consistently continues to impress many of the thousands of guests we host each year.

Seb & Dan, Founders

Refining the brand came in the form of printer collateral and also the visual design of the artwork that is hung around the hostel.

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