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Nuditee is an independent company started by Sheffield based illustration artist Molly Jones. It sells Tshirts, prints, and other products with the aim to help empower people through body confidence. Molly asked me to give her brand a fresh look and feel as she prepares to take Nuditee to the next level. 


Molly has developed her own style with her illustrations that are prevalent within the brand. With this in mind, we focused solely on a type-driven logo so Molly had the creative freedom to further develop her style, if she so wishes, in the future. We wanted to use a type-driven logo that was simple and straight to the point. The heart in the centre of the logo signifies Nuditee’s main message: love yourself.

I really wanted to focus in on what Nuditee was all about. Jack delivered on all fronts, producing a set of designs that were perfectly in-line with the brand's vision of 'body positivity'.

Molly Jones, Owner

We worked on expanding the brand beyond the logo by firstly choosing a bright, playful but sophisticated colour palate to make it pop. We then developed business cards, tags for clothes, thank you cards and more all branded with the heart to reinforce their message.

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